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E2E Procurement Project Management

Preparing you for the new normal in a virtual world, iSpec is revolutionizing tender and contract management not only for general tendering, but especially for complex project procurement. Transparency and speed is of the essence for these strategic projects and all stakeholders require instant access to the latest data.

iSpec Tender

Enhanced Global Port Services

Trent occupies a unique position in a market populated by a variety of port consultant companies - people have originated from ports and terminals, having worked for some of the largest global port operators in the world.
Our services include:
Port Equipment Services & Solutions
Port Equipment Procurement
Trent Moscord Spare Parts E-Marketplace
Port Development & Services
Port Automation

Trent Port Services

Port Design & Project Management

Global maritime trade is expected to double in the coming decades, so port authorities and operators have a sizable challenge to tackle—modernizing operations and increasing capacity. With our ports legacy spanning back more than a century, Jacobs is the industry’s premier ports and maritime service provider. Our Ports & Maritime team provides our clients with value-added consulting, planning and engineering services for maritime infrastructure development. We have developed long-term, trusted relationships with clients around the globe for work in the containerized, bulk, general cargo, oil and gas, and cruise/ferry industries, as well as for port authorities, governments and some of the world’s leading naval forces.

AI augmented decision support systems

AICON is the next-generation, AI augmented decision support system. This ground- breaking product offers a family of solutions that optimize container terminals operations across Waterside, Yard, Landside, and Equipment utilization.
AICON’s AI engines ingest real-time and historical data from varied internal sources such as Terminal Operating, Equipment Control and various systems., and enrich this with relevant external data such as weather, tidal waves, marine traffic etc. Leveraging the latest Machine Learning techniques, AICON builds precise and accurate models that forecast, recommend, and make optimal decisions to raise terminal efficiencies to new heights.


Autonomous Drivers

At AIDRIVERS, we are accelerating the transition to autonomous mobility for integrated automation to address industrial challenges, to optimise business operations and to improve quality of service. 
Autonomy for industrial automation is our focus. We have designed a fleet of autonomous vehicles and specialist mobility solutions tailored to meet the needs of industrial operations, in particular port industries. Founded by Dr Rafiq Swash and powered by a leading team of seasoned professionals, the team is passionately working together to deliver autonomous mobility solutions and bespoke vehicles for port automation.

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