Decent Collaboration Software means that lost email won’t cost you $50,000

How do you ensure that the entire project team – both internal and external – from the designers through procurement, management, finance through to the CEO can collaborate seamlessly and can instantly access the information and communications as needed?


iSpec’s internal audit trail captures all emails, negotiations, clarifications, attachments, amendments, prices, evaluations and all other data relating to the project and stores it in context. I.e. if you select a clause relating to the air-conditioning system – then all specifications, correspondence, clarifications, negotiations, amendments, etc. relating to that item are instantly available and you can see who sent/edited/accepted it.


You know what a nightmare it is looking for that specific email that means the difference of $50,000 on the head office air-conditioning system? You know you sent it and the supplier confirmed, but you just can’t find it in the folder where you think you saved it. No worries – iSpec keeps copies of all correspondence linked to the item it relates to for instant retrieval in context. So go to the requirement, click on air-conditioning and voila – there it is!


What a pain it is collating all vendor clarification requests and negotiations during tendering. iSpec automatically publishes all tender documents which are managed live in the cloud as are all vendor responses. Now each time a vendor requests a clarification, you can automatically respond to the single vendor or all vendors and the system keeps track of it all as well as notifying the vendors and tracking whether they have acknowledged the notification. Relax with a cup of coffee – iSpec has taken care of it.


Never mind if you cannot remember the item some correspondence relates to, just do a global search with the relevant text or keywords and iSpec will search all requirements, specifications, clarifications, correspondence for it. So even if someone saved something out of context, or in a different area than allocated, it can easily be found. And as your documents are a live in the cloud, it won’t miss out on something in a document only on John’s computer.