How well do you track your CAPEX Project Quality Assurance?

Performing regular inspections and staying current with any quality assurance issues on your CAPEX project is essential. Regardless of whether you use a third-party inspection service or you perform your own inspections, if you do not have a streamlined system for receiving updates, processing the information you receive, and making corrections to the project as [...]

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The Projects, Technology and Procurement Organisation

Imagine three people are planning a family reunion. One is in charge of selecting the menu, one is in charge of making the shopping list, and the third is in charge of buying and preparing the food. If the person planning the menu fails to consult with the people responsible for making the shopping list [...]

Reducing the cost of e-tendering

“…...even without allowing for any overheads or profit, the shortest possible supply chain, incorporated around 18% of cost attributable to buying and selling goods and services” -taken from a UK Study- "e-tendering solutions would save 93% of the tendering costs and 85% of the time burden" - study on the cost of going from paper-based [...]

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The death of professionalism

For quite a while now I have thought I must be crazy or just behind the times. Boy was I happy to find the following article on LinkedIn. WHEN DID RUDE AND UNPROFESSIONAL BECOME OK? At least I am not living an hallucination or in a world of my own. Others have also noticed the [...]

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Good audit trail = job security

A good audit trail equates to job security. People often fear a process or system that enforces compliance and creates a transparent audit trail. Some fear it because they might be corrupt - others because they don't want to be held accountable for any errors that occur. The first group have good reason and we hold [...]

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A vendor’s perspective

Rumblings from vendors of large CAPEX projects on some of their most problematic issues. Compliance Complex projects are just that - complex. Of course customers write detailed specifications - or not (not good) - and vendors are requested to comply with these requirements. There are two issues here that create headaches for both the customer [...]

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iSpec Version 7 Release!

Remy has announced the release of iSpec Version 7. Apart from enhanced performance, the new version has some additional new features such as a project dashboard, and a tabbed interface in place of the previous panelled interface. This allows for easier and quicker navigation though a tender. New validations also ensure users don't publish a tender [...]

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