Contract Management – Ensuring you get what you paid for.

Contract management of outsourced projects is crucial to ensure that you get what you ordered and paid for and you get it on time and at the level of quality specified.


What the salesman promised is not always what the supplier delivers. We all know the joke about the devil and his sales pitch. This is one of the main reasons our users love iSpec – the original specifications, clarifications, negotiations and final contract are all visible to the engineers delivering the project to see what everyone has discussed – and because it is all stored in context, there is no guessing what the requirement is and who made the decisions. This ensures that the project engineers know exactly what the salesman promised and what they have to deliver. Most organisations still using Word and Excel lose this advantage as files are misplaced or the wrong versions used, etc. With iSpec there is only one version – the correct one – and everyone that needs to, has access.


Of course no large complex project is static. Things change during the course of the project: certain materials are no longer available and substitutes have to be found; material prices increase; design changes are made. All of these needs to be discussed and approved by the customer. iSpec takes care of all of this online and it becomes part of the audit trail so that it is clear who requested the changes and how approved them and what they entail.


As the project proceeds, certain unforeseen changes can incur additional costs. It is important to be able to track these costs and if the project goes over budget to get additional funding and/or approval. When a vendor or customer requests a change request or amendment, any related cost adjustments need to be discussed, recorded and approved.