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iSpec DMS - Contract Drafting and
Document Collaboration Solution

You like Google Docs - but it just doesn't quite do it

Then iSpec DMS is the solution for you.
Collaborate online with colleagues, customers, suppliers - actually anyone, giving them access to proposals, contracts, and other documents.
Save time and effort - no routing of documents - edit/review/approve/negotiate concurrently online. Just provide access for them when you are ready. Sign electronically and store with digital signature for future reference. Export to Word or PDF.

iSpec DMS is not a legacy (paper) document management solution. We don't scan and store paper documents or do OCR on PDF or other document types. We create and manage live digital documents, workflows, collaboration, approvals and storage. 


That work for you
Template library

Create master templates for all your important documents, policies, standards, etc. 

Quick drafting

Use your templates to quickly draft new contracts, specifications, etc. with drag and drop, auto-complete, editable and locked sections, reviews and approvals.

Prompt users

Prompt users to action with cryptic messages "Jon please review and approve" which appear on their dashboard or via an email.


Use comments just like in Word, but once done, they are kept in history for future reference as part of the audit trail 


Notes can be embedded in the template - visible only to internal users as instructions on how to complete the contract, proposal, etc.

Track changes

All changes are tracked automatically and stored in history once accepted. This means you can roll back to any previous version at any time in future.

Use cases

Policy management

Manage, translate and keep your globally policy documents updated centrally in the cloud. Give global users access as required.

Specifications/ standards

Develop, manage and distribute specifications and standards internally or to suppliers and customers.


Draft contracts from scratch or using standard templates and negotiate/collaborate with your customers and suppliers online. Sign electronically and store or export to PDF or Word for physical signature or distribution.


Prepare proposals/quotations from scratch or using standard templates and negotiate/ collaborate with your customers online. Sign electronically and store or export to PDF or Word for physical signature or distribution.

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