The new way of Tendering and Contract management

iSpec is revolutionizing tender and contract management not only for general tendering, but especially for complex project procurement. Transparency and speed is of the essence for these strategic projects and all stakeholders require instant access to the latest data.


That work for you
Instant find

No more searching for that specific email or attachment - 
iSpec knows what you are looking for 

Automated evaluations

Automated tender evaluations for super fast decisions

Drill down comparisons

No more comparing Word and Excel files - drill down to the detail instantly

Instant overview

Your dashboard gives you an instant view of your procurement status, outstanding tasks, and spend analysis in an easy to use graphic layout

Online document editing

No more routing Word documents. Collaborate with all stakeholders and edit your documents together online. No more waiting for someone to send you that document. Approve as you go. Speed up the entire process


2 Minute tender

How to publish a simple procurement tender in 2 minutes.
Chief Asset Management Officer

Julian Watts explores the role of a Chief Asset Management Officer in the infrastructure sector, and how the position can create a more holistic approach to asset management by bridging the gap between senior executives and on-the-ground asset operations.
iSpec is an essential tool for the CAMO to consolidate all stakeholder collaboration into a single point-of-truth.


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Ports Enquiries

Contact our partners in the Ports Industry - Trent Port Services. With more than 40 years in the industry and 16 years using iSpec - nobody has more experience.


All general enquiries in the Middle East and North Africa can be directed to Final Quotient - our integration and implementation partners in the region.

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