The problem with communication is the illusion that it has taken place

iSpec is like having a smart personal assistant to keep track of it all

– Contract Life-cycle Management –

for CAPEX Projects

Active Document Management & Collaboration enables successful Contract Management

A Single point-of-truth – no copies floating around – with access for all from anywhere!

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Contract life-cycle data is stored in context for easy retrieval and auditing

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What users say

Procurement CAPEX is the biggest single cost element in SABMiller, some $US900-million a year, and, based on the Proof of Concept (PoC) phase of iSpec, the system can deliver on average a 3% saving on total project cost. We also quantified and measured productivity improvements during the PoC, and indications are we can reach process improvements of 300%.

John Cluett, SABMiller

I use iSpec everywhere I go in this industry

Jon Arnup, Trent Associates
Transparency, traceability and keeping the communication/negotiations together are a huge benefit for both parties. The only reason that we can manage so many projects so effectively is because the negotiations and communications are recorded against each item/clause for anybody to read and see what has been discussed and negotiated. That is also valid for the Vendor because they pass the documents from Tender team to Engineering/Project management team.
Paul Jordaan, DP World
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