DP World has achieved massive savings and benefits since implementing iSpec in 2006

“Transparency, traceability and keeping the communication/negotiations together are a huge benefit for both parties. The only reason that we can manage so many projects so effectively is because the negotiations and communications are recorded against each item/clause for anybody to read and see what has been discussed and negotiated. That is also valid for the Vendor because they pass the documents from Tender team to Engineering/Project management team.”


DP World underwent a rapid expansion after the acquisition of P & O ports, followed by tremendous investments in new equipment. At the time there were no global standards set and all the ports needed assistance in both expertise and management of new equipment procurement.


iSpec was developed by Remy specifically to cope with the issues of procurement of complex outsourced projects such as the acquisition of Quay Cranes and RTGs. As this was a global effort, it also had to allow for advanced collaboration and sharing of expertise and resources. iSpec was implemented and improvements were made to address all the issues of data sharing, tender evaluation, collaboration and a single point-of-truth for the massive amounts of data involved. Also as many of the ports are joint venture operations, financiers, partners, vendors, consultants, engineering and operations all needed access to the project information.


The reason iSpec is so successful is because of its functional design that embraces and ensures excellent collaboration, whether you are in HO or the terminal or the Vendor:

  • All TPI reports, Drawings, Manuals etc. are all kept in project file within iSpec, and this data remains there for the life of the crane – so no more worries about losing drawings, old TPI reports, crane manuals etc. This protection of important and critical ‘legacy’ data ensures higher levels of buy-in from all stakeholders.
  • Because people can track progress, interact with their project when ‘on-the-move’, on their tablets, mobile phones, work or home PC’s, it gives them freedom and ensures a broader spectrum of people are better informed and in a timelier manner.
  • The iSpec solution also provides you in HO (and the terminal for that matter) the visibility needed to properly manage vendor performance whether it’s delivering a crane or parts on time, or even a simple Performance bond.