In a nutshell, very impressed with affordability for such a quality system

Hannellie Neervoort, CIVMEC

Transparency, traceability and keeping the communication/negotiations together are a huge benefit for both parties

Paul Jordaan, DP World

I would buy iSpec every time and anywhere I worked in this industry!

Jon Arnup, Trent Associates

…we as Hyster find the system ideal for its capabilities to communicate while tendering, the clear format and the easy way to add our responses

iSpec User, Hyster

“We chose iSpec for the following reasons: It is out of the box ready; Almost 100% fit to our business requirement; Allows for rapid implementation; Has standalone flexibility until our ERP system is integration-ready; Has an intuitive interface; Training and help are included; It is built on industry experience – not a theoretical model”

Stephen Donovan, SABMiller

“Procurement capex is the biggest single cost element in SABMiller, some $US900-million a year, and, based on the Proof of Concept (PoC) phase of iSpec, the system can deliver on average a 3% saving on total project cost.”

Maurice Egan, SABMiller

iSpec provides excellent transparency and efficiency – especially the dashboard function where one can get a quick overview of where all procurement packages are in the tender process.

Hannellie Neervoort, CIVMEC

Using iSpec has immediately made tendering, evaluation and awarding of our large capital projects, a much more inclusive exercise due to the ease and visibility with which the process now works, across the various departments and buildings within the terminal complex.

Jon Arnup, PTP Malaysia

The only reason that we can manage so many projects so effectively is because the negotiations and communications are recorded against each item/Clause for anybody to read and see what has been discussed/negotiated. That is also valid for the Vendor because they pass the docs from Tender team to Engineering/Project management team.

Paul Jordaan, DP World

Very affordable, not sure why companies pursue SAP and Oracle to customise tendering systems when there are already solid and demonstrated systems like iSpec.

Hannellie Neervoort, CIVMEC

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  • iSpec CAPEX procurement

    CAPEX e-sourcing and procurement requires close collaboration between various stakeholders and disciplines: technical, legal, procurement, vendors and implementation teams all need to all be on the same page during the procurement process. An integrated approach using the right tool and methodology is essential for a successful outcome for all parties involved. iSpec integrates these disjointed functions into a single collaboration platform where everyone can share in the knowledge and contribute their expertise from the concept phase to delivery and successful implementation.

Simplifying the tendering process

Advanced CAPEX Project Procurement


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