Using Word and Excel files for your complex outsourced projects is not proper Tender Management

iSpec’s online tender management module allows vendors to enter data online and automates clarifications, evaluations and negotiations during the tendering process thereby reducing lead times and work load?

Master templates

Using standard templates and documents each time you create a project has multiple benefits.
• It reduces repetitive research thereby saving time and money
• It improves procedural compliance and is easily repeatable

Each template contains all the documents required for that type of project, including specifications, engineering standards, milestone schedules, contract agreements, risk management plans, etc. configured to your business requirement. So creating a new project is as simple as the click of a button.

Tender preparation

Each tender can be “built” from scratch or from the master library that contains documents that are either pre-approved and not subject to amendment without approval, or those that require “re-purposing” specific to the tender or a tender can be built up from scratch.

Mobile approvals

Ensuring that all the necessary permissions and approvals have been given to a project or tender is crucial. iSpec allows you to automatically enforce rules specific  to each type of project.

Online submissions

Vendors for a tender are selected by group or category or individually. Once added to a project, when all approvals have been completed and the tender published, vendors will receive an invitation to login and respond to the tender.

Clarifications made easy

Now the fun starts! The more complex a project is the more clarification requests from vendors. Keeping track of all these requests is a tedious job and requires organisation. iSpec automates this function and each query can be handled individually and instantly so that vendors don’t experience delays in waiting for responses.

Correspondence linked to content

iSpec stores all project correspondence contextually so you don’t have to search for it. Click on the clause (specification, condition, milestone) and all correspondence relating to it is instantly available. Of course there is also a general search function so even if someone saved something out of context, or in a different area than allocated, it can easily be found. And as your documents are a live in the cloud, it won’t miss out on something in a document only on John’s computer.

Automated evaluations

iSpec allows you to perform complex bid evaluations where necessary. These can be pre-formatted in the master library for quick application to tenders. This allows for automated bid comparisons, non-conformance reports, pricing comparisons, automated scoring, etc. Technical, financial and pre-qualification evaluations can be performed by separate teams.

Online negotiations

All contract, pricing and other negotiations are done online and recorded as part of the audit trail. iSpec notifies you if a vendor requests a negotiation and only you can change the contract conditions, specifications or pricing. Both parties have to accept any negotiations for them to become contractually binding.

Contract finalization

Including your final contract format in the tender documents allows for speedy drafting of the final contract after awarding. All amendments are notified to the vendor for his acceptance.

Executive summary

iSpec allows for an Executive Summary to be created with recommendations and automatic pricing reports to save time and allow the decision makers to see a project overview in a glance.