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Test all the functionality hands-on during two 3 hour sessions over 2 days with our assistance

Try out the entire iSpec solution for free over a 2 day period. Assign an evaluation team and we will give them access to their own custom configured web solution for testing the system with your own data. Various team members can play different roles during the 2 sessions – i.e. Project Manager, Procurement Manager, Finance, HR, Legal, Vendor, etc. – each with their own responsibilities and permissions as per your company workflow and business rules. Once the trial is over, we request an evaluation be submitted so that we can see whether there are any gaps and you may have access to the system for a month or two for further investigation and testing.

1. Send us your data

Step 1.
  • Send us your master data
  • Describe your work flows and business rules
  • Give us a few days to import and create your master templates and configure the system (typically 3-4 days)

2. Publish your tender

Step 2 – Day 1 of your trial
  • Create and prepare a tender using the master templates we have setup using your data (your project team can all work on the documents at the same time for anywhere on the globe with internet access)
  • Once the documents are complete, initiate the approval process
  • Now have your team immitate the vendors and respond to the tender online

3. Evaluate, award and manage

Step 3 – Day 2 of your trial
  • Open the bids electronically
  • Go through the automated evaluation online
  • Shortlist your vendors
  • Negotiate final prices, terms and specifications
  • Award the contract
  • Manage the project
  • Take deliver of items
  • Perform inspections
  • Handle variation orders
END OF DAY 2 – (2-3 hours)

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