iSpec Version 7 Release!


Remy has announced the release of iSpec Version 7.

Apart from enhanced performance, the new version has some additional new features such as a project dashboard, and a tabbed interface in place of the previous panelled interface. This allows for easier and quicker navigation though a tender. New validations also ensure users don’t publish a tender without setting up all the required evaluations and assigning all relevant user roles for a project.

All customers will be upgraded over the next 2 months.

iSpec 7.0 Release highlights

  • In version 7.0 the main focus was to improve the overall user experience when working in the project overview. There has been a multitude of fixes and improvements throughout the system mainly focused on improved performance and user experience.  This document highlights the items that are significantly different to version 6.5.

What’s new

  • Ability to copy and paste requirement text into the negotiation editor.

During negotiations it is sometimes required to copy and comment on the content, a new function has been added where you can select and copy and paste requirement text without having to close the negotiation editor.

While entering a response in the negotiation editor, the user can click on the new “Show Requirement” link, this will open a popup with the original requirement text to allow him to copy and paste it into the editor and enter his comments.

  • Attachments on Executive summary

The Executive summary now allows one or more attachments to be uploaded and attached.

What’s improved

  • Project overview

The project overview is completely redesigned to allow a better overview of open tasks and items that require attention. Items have been moved into tabs to allow navigation between items without scrolling. Colours are used to indicate where items require attention.

The todo panel have been updated to include more descriptive text regarding items that require your attention and tasks that have to be performed. For both the internal and vendor users this will reduce training requirements for inexperienced users.

  • Role manager

The role manager has been simplified to allow one to easily get an overview of mandatory and optional roles that have to be added to the project.

  • Access to unread mail items

On the project overview any unread mail will be indicated where you can go directly to the mail and mark it as read or reply to it without having to navigate to the document first. This is the same method used in the Main iSpec Dashboard.

  • Tender creation / editing

New tender creation and tender properties edited moved to tab-set wizard format grouping related items together. Validation colours (Yellow / green) on the tab indicates whether a property E.g.  Publication date still has to be configured.

  • Paragraph clause edit history

New improved paragraph clause history logging to give more information on changes and comparison between versions

  • Pricing reports

The pricing comparison reports have been improved to make a clear distinction whether items are included in the total calculations and it is now possible to include priced directly in the report.

  • E-bidding

Changes to the E-bidding system (Where licensed) to give users more information about the bidding status

  • More descriptive mails to inform vendor of tender completion status

Changes to the daily notification mails to give a vendor more information on which documents require responses as well as the overall completion status

Administrative alerts

Additional information added to mails sent when the license limit has been reached

  • Intent to tender changes

To ensure the vendor responds with the intention to tender, the system will now continue to remind the user to indicate his intention until he has done so. This is to ensure that the vendors enter this information as soon as possible after getting access to the tender.

Database performance

Various changes and optimisations done to the database to improve responsiveness and general speed of the system.

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