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The death of professionalism

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The death of professionalism

For quite a while now I have thought I must be crazy or just behind the times. Boy was I happy to find the following article on LinkedIn.


At least I am not living an hallucination or in a world of my own. Others have also noticed the changing of the tide.

More and more companies and people are behaving with a total lack of professionalism or even an ounce of courtesy. For example – someone requests a presentation of a product. You travel to them at great expense – flights, hotel, etc. You do the presentation and are told we will get back to you in a week. Six weeks later you have sent 3 emails requesting some feedback and you get no reply.

Now I understand things can often take longer than expected, but can’t you find 30 seconds to reply and say “Hey things are taking longer than expected. Please be patient” – or “We are no longer interested”. Just something, anything. Even a “Get lost and die” would be better than nothing.

This is just one of a myriad of examples I can quote from personal experience, but it gives you an idea of what I am referring to.

Of course we all find excuses for our bad behaviour as this is human nature, but then don’t expect to be treated any better yourself next time you are on the receiving end.

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