Regular project inspections during project execution reduces risk and ensures quality

Both your risk management and quality assurance depend highly on a good inspection process and tools for quickly identifying issues before they start costing you money or resulting in delays.

Inspection protocols

Your inspection protocol should tie in closely with your requirement/specification as well as your risk matrix and your milestone schedule.

The first is to ensure that the supplier is delivering what you specified both in quality and workmanship as well as supplying the correct brands of materials.  Secondly you should be checking more regularly for the high risk items on your risk matrix to ensure that your project does not slip time wise or incur unnecessary costs because of errors. Finally you want to ensure that things are progressing according to schedule to avoid any possible delays.

These reports need to feed back to your risk and quality management teams as well as the project manager.

Inspection tools

Efficient inspection tools will reduce your effort, speed up inspections and ensure the reports get to the right people on time.

Preferably a mobile inspection application should be used that gives you access to detailed instructions on how to perform the inspection, what to look for and how to report the result. It should also allow the user to include pictures and other attachments for reference.

Non-conformance reports

What a pain it is collating all vendor clarification requests and negotiations during tendering. iSpec automatically publishes all tender documents which are managed live in the cloud as are all vendor responses. Now each time a vendor requests a clarification, you can automatically respond to the single vendor or all vendors and the system keeps track of it all as well as notifying the vendors and tracking whether they have acknowledged the notification. Relax with a cup of coffee – iSpec has taken care of it.

Speed of execution

 Never mind if you cannot remember the item some correspondence relates to, just do a global search with the relevant text or keywords and iSpec will search all requirements, specifications, clarifications, correspondence for it. So even if someone saved something out of context, or in a different area than allocated, it can easily be found. And as your documents are a live in the cloud, it won’t miss out on something in a document only on John’s computer.