Not having a quality assurance program causes cost overruns and delays!

Having a quality management/assurance plan in place will improve your chances of delivery a quality project on time and within budget.


Ensure that you have a team in place – whether internal or using a third party inspector – that is responsible for quality assurance and inspections. The entire project team should always be aware of quality assurance, but it is good practice to have at least one person who is responsible for managing and tracking it during the project.

Quality management is the process for ensuring that all project activities necessary to design, plan and implement a project are effective and efficient with respect to the purpose of the objective and its performance.

Project quality management (QM) is not a separate, independent process that occurs at the end of an activity to measure the level of quality of the output.


Quality management planning includes how the project team will determine if the final product meets expectations, and whether the product should be accepted as complete. An engineer may conduct inspections at different stages of construction, for example, to ensure design specifications are followed, and to make sure the final product is safe for use. Software or IT project managers may conduct testing to discover and fix errors before the system goes live.

Quality management is a continuous process that starts and ends with the project. It is more about preventing and avoiding than measuring and fixing poor quality outputs. It is part of every project management process from the moment the project initiates to the final steps in the project closure phase. It is not about finding and fixing errors after the fact, quality management is the continuous monitoring and application of quality processes in all aspects of the project.

An important part of QM is defining clearly what your expectations are – detailed specifications are important – so that the supplier knows exactly what is required and so that you have a benchmark to measure against.

Including your Quality Assurance plan in iSpec as part of the project/tender documents ensures that you can manage and execute it efficiently and prevent and track any foreseeable issues.