Remy and Trent Port Services are part of the front-end offering that Jacobs is providing to the logistics industry.

iSpec is the world’s leading web and mobile-based software procurement solution for buyers of capital intensive outsourced projects such as ports. It has already processed over $10 billion in tendering volumes for Remy InfoSource clients.

iSpec provides a unified platform for tender management with dedicated accounts for all relevant parties including all contract terms as well as technical specifications. It was developed by Remy specifically to cope with the issues of procurement of complex outsourced projects such as the acquisition by ports of Quay Cranes and RTGs.

After awarding the contract to one or multiple vendors, a seamless transition to the implementation phase prevents vendors renegotiating or claiming to not have been aware of detail requirements.

iSpec’s iNspect mobile inspection app supports ongoing delivery and ensures specification compliance, dramatically increasing chances of successful end-to-end project delivery.

iSpec is continuously updated based on our customer’s global needs.

One leading client is DP World, one of the world’s foremost terminal and logistics operators. DP World has been a user of Remy’s iSpec solution since 2006, and recently renewed their contract for another 3 years with an additional 2 year option.

About Remy InfoSource

Remy InfoSource specializes in providing cutting edge technology for complex environments with a special focus on procurement and document management systems. To ensure it designs the best possible software for the real world, Remy InfoSource leverages a broad group of industry experts and advisors via its advisory board. Members ensure the company continuously develops the right software to enable clients to stay one step ahead of the competition.