Why didn’t we copy that spec from last year? Now we have two different sets of spare parts.(Standards Management)

Standardisation saves money and reduces repetitive research. Creating a corporate standard makes it easy to implement and manage new projects and it also makes it easier for your suppliers as they know what to expect from you. All this saves time on specifications, clarifications and negotiations – leading to savings and more consistently successful projects.


iSpec’s Master Library allows you to standardise amongst others:

  • Specifications
  • Engineering Standards
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Policies
  • H & S standards

You can create a set of documents (template) for the various types of projects you may implement.
Now each time you start a new project you select the appropriate template and iSpec copies all the relevant documents to a new project and guides you through the process of completing the documents or “re-purposing” them for the specific project.

iSpec allows you to control document editing. Only clauses with a pencil can be edited for “re-purposing” to suit the project. All other clauses are pre-approved and cannot be changed.


In the same way you create templates for different types of projects, you can create standardised work flows for different types of projects:

  • Closed tender
  • Open tender
  • Reverse auction
  • other

This will then ensure that the correct work flow and set of approvals are followed for each project.