Knowledge, Document, Specification and Library Management System Software


Introducing and implementing technology into a business requires a mixture of knowledge distribution, change management, good collaboration, accountability, control, strict compliance with new procedures, specifications, implementation management and risk management. This will ensure the best possibility for a successful outcome, by reducing project costs and minimising errors.

The use of Specification Management software such as iSpec goes a long way to achieving the above. In fact iSpec takes it a step further using Documentation Management software techniques in conjunction with feedback mechanisms, approvals, revisions and other techniques that effectively puts it in the category of Knowledge Management software.


The advantage of standardisation is that it helps cut costs by lowering installation costs, reducing the need to maintain large spare parts inventories, and lowering maintenance costs and thus also allows a company to take advantage of economies of scale when purchasing equipment and spares.

It helps improve the management and design with less customisation needed, enabling interchangeability of components, and provides practical application of expert knowledge enhancing operability and improving performance.

Use of standards in industry

  • improves communication
  • provides practical application of expert knowledge
  • represents years of experience and avoids necessity of starting each project from the ground up.
  • Standards help you achieve operational excellence byimproving performance
  • lowering maintenance Costs
  • reducing downtime
  • enhancing operability
  • saving money
  • reducing repetitive research.

Key Features, Advantages, and Benefits of Standards Realise a direct return on investment by

  • lowering installation and startup costs
  • reducing need to maintain large spares inventories
  • enabling interchangeability of components
  • improving design with less “custom“effort
  • increasing safety


iSpec makes managing your specifications, standards and procedures a cinch. The iSpec Library Management software module contains specifications that are either pre-approved and not subject to amendment without approval, or those that require “re-purposing” specific to the tender.

Depending on the governance structures of each organisation, participants are allocated levels of authority to participate/contribute. These levels can be from limited contribution to selected documents to full access to all documents and the ability to amend/modify.

Access and editing rights are governed by a comprehensive role and permission management system. As the master library is central to the process, all new technology, specifications and standards can be managed here, making iSpec the leading Knowledge Management software solution.

The strength of the master library and template information is due to its “granularity”. In other words, each template or master “document” is managed at a “clause” level. Consequently, each clause, statement or requirement is a template in itself. This allows us to manage specifications at a detailed level and also assign specific items to various specialists who are to maintain and review them.

Unless any changes have been reviewed by the relevant specialist (owner), the entire document cannot be used to create a new tender.


As a company’s subject matter experts are often in different geographical locations, it is often difficult and time-consuming to get their input into a project. iSpec allows one to assign subject matter experts to a project automatically no matter where they are and everyone can work concurrently on documents or specifications, therefor ensuring we always involve the experts and get the job done in a timely manner.


Master specifications and tender templates – which are part and parcel of Specification Management software solutions – can also include standards for implementation and methodologies for projects ensuring consistency in the roll-out of technologies and projects.

Each master template can and should also contain standard methodologies and project management documents and plans relevant to the project type, for example:

  • Project Charter
  • Project Scope Statement
  • Project Management Plan
  • Risk Management Plan
  • Project Team Communication Plan
  • Project Plan (Statement of Work)
  • Milestone Schedule
  • Change Control Procedure
  • Business Process Change Management

This way we don’t only request a proposal on technology and pricing from the vendor, but we lay the groundwork for a properly executed project and the standards and methodologies to follow to ensure project success.


It is also possible to allow external consultants of technology suppliers to update their product specs online for our approval, thus obviating the necessity to enter this data each time a tender is published. Each vendor’s unique pre-approved specs are automatically included in each tender and the only issues requiring attention are therefor customisations/options and pricing.

In reality iSpec combines the functionality of most Specification Management software, Knowledge Management software, Document Management Software and Library Management software solutions into an integrated solution not just for managing your technological information and expertise, but the entire technology management, sourcing and project management life-cycle of CAPEX projects.