Complex projects typically involve many stakeholders and so many different lines of communication things necessarily go wrong and people end up working off different scripts and that is when disputes arise.

A great example is just recently one of our customers’ managers was following the old method of talking to a supplier outside of iSpec – and of course the supplier loved it because they are smart and want to sidestep the entire agreed process – so everyone got into a huge argument about various issues. It was only after many emails and messages that the manager became upset with the supplier – and someone explained that this is how they function, so they had to send an iSpec mail out to all and say basically – that failure to communicate only in iSpec will result in death (figuratively speaking).

Even his own team members were on emails to the supplier about issues. Nobody knew it, but once supplier opened up non-iSpec communications it all went wrong big time, so this was a 100% perfect lesson and the manager is iSpec’s biggest supporter now. It was a real mess – but I did tell him politely that he was unsuspectingly – part of the problem – so now he believes me when I say suppliers often try to circumvent the procedures – it is human nature.

Missed-communications -milestones not delivered on time – contractual disputes about but he said that when I called him etc etc – were all very real issues – all because of an email that strayed outside of iSpec just one time

How can iSpec help avoid these issues?