Real workflow management means never having to say you are sorry

Managing a complex project’s work flow in a timely manner is no easy task. Being able to see a project’s progress at a glance and automating the work flow can save time and effort.


iSpec has a project dashboard so that everyone from the project team to the CEO can see exactly how all projects they are involved in are progressing. It also highlights any overdue or urgent issues.


iSpec sends out automated notifications to the project team whenever a task is due. So you will never have to worry about Rick sending you that document for approval or if a supplier clarification request comes in or you need to follow up on an inspection. All of this is taken care of automatically and all actions are recorded as part of iSpec’s comprehensive audit trail so that the team members can be held accountable for their work.


Because iSpec documents are all saved in the cloud and there is only one copy, you never have to worry about document routing. You will always have access to the correct documents at the right time and with the proper access rights (read/write). Also templates keep track of clauses that are still in draft format and those that are completed.


This means that it is possible for project managers to watch progress of specifications, contracts and other documents live. iSpec also allows concurrent document editing from multiple geographic locations which means many people can work on the same document at the same time thereby reducing lead times.