DP World renewal

Renewing for another 3 years

In 2019 DP World renewed their iSpec contract (originally signed in 2006) with Remy for an additional 3 years plus a two year option.

The customer says

"DP World and Remy InfoSource, a leading Lifecycle Contract Management company, have been working in partnership since 2006. DP World has successfully implemented the iSpec Lifecycle Contract Management (iSpec) solution for managing its global procurement of strategic equipment. This has been a highly fruitful partnership, and DP World this month (Feb 2020) signed a three-year extended agreement with Remy InfoSource.
As a leading global and smart trade enabler, DP World recognises that innovative procurement technologies such as iSpec would allow it to stay at the forefront of the industry.
It required a more streamlined and connected solution that maintains the integrity of standardised specifications and contract documents; facilitates collaboration with global stakeholders; manages clause based tender clarifications and tender response evaluations; provides effective risk management; tracks project compliance and delivery; and ensures transparency and audit-ability of the entire procurement process.
The extended agreement is based on the long-term trusted relationship between DP World and Remy InfoSource. DP World will continue to leverage iSpec for strategic decision-making and management information allowing visibility, control and governance across its global business portfolio. 
Remy InfoSource currently provides DP World with robust technical support for the solution; quarterly enhancements that are influenced by DP World’s requirements; and smart dashboards and reporting capabilities that have together significantly improved the efficiency of strategic equipment procurement."

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