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Project Audit
Auditing Outsourced Projects

Project Auditing allows for evaluation of procedural and technical compliance - which if not followed - can lead to failure or unnecessary costs.

Strategic Ports Alliance
New alliance boost for strategic port equipment procurement

Remy and Trent have created a new alliance.

QTerminals RTGs on their way

The first batch of cranes from HHMC are on their way.

Risk management concerns over coronavirus

Ports industry concerned over the impact of Coronavirus

Ports survey
Ports Industry survey

The result of our second ports industry survey are in and compared to the one we did in 2018

DP World renewal
DP World renews iSpec for 3 years

Having used iSpec since 2006, DP World has again renewed their contract with Remy.

Collaboration is not just a word

The importance of good collaboration on projects is essential and requires effective tools to ensure you don't lose your job because of a misplaced email.

Document references
Document references

Complex contracts contain multiple references to different sections and headings. If these get messed up during editing, this can have disastrous consequences.

Version control
Version control

Effortless version control.


The benefits of standardization and some ideas on how to achieve them. 


Why it is important to document everything.

Liquidated damages

Penalties for late delivery are often missed when you are scrambling to solve problems.

Ambiguous contracts

It’s critical the terms of a contract or the description in technical or other requirements are specific and unable to be misinterpreted.

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