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Unleash the Power of Contextual Communication in Procurement and Contracting

Our Unique Approach

Welcome to the future of procurement and contracting with iSpec! We embed communication into the very fabric of your processes, revolutionizing the way you do business.

Say goodbye to outdated methods and hello to practical solutions tailored to your everyday challenges. Our AI and cloud expertise ensures secure contract management from anywhere, all through a user-friendly interface.

Experience the ease of contract compliance with regular reminders and a library of pre-approved documents. Manage changes, renewals, and terminations effortlessly with our comprehensive audit trail.

Streamline Your Contracts Today

Join iSpec now for efficient contract management and seamless communication integration.

Key features

Crucial differentiators that give you the edge.

Contextual Embedding

Embed communications seamlessly into your procurement documents.

Master Library

Access a library of pre-approved documents for contract compliance.

AI Expertise

Utilize cutting-edge AI technology such as automated translations for secure contract management.

Centralized Database

Say goodbye to version control chaos with a centralized database.

Efficient Collaboration

Collaborate effortlessly with internal and external parties for streamlined communication.

Simplify Procurement Processes

Welcome to the future of procurement and contracting with iSpec! Say goodbye to the mundane and hello to the extraordinary as we revolutionize the way you do business.

Experience the power of contextual embedding, AI expertise, and seamless collaboration. Let iSpec take the reins and watch your efficiency soar to new heights. Get ready to embrace a world where procurement challenges are a thing of the past.

Burning questions

Things you might want answers to

What Makes iSpec Unique?

iSpec revolutionizes the mundane world of procurement and contracting with a sprinkle of magic and a ton of practicality. Prepare to be amazed!

How Does iSpec Ensure Compliance?

iSpec ensures compliance by whispering gentle reminders in your ear and providing a treasure trove of pre-approved documents. It's like having a personal compliance monitor!

Why Choose iSpec for Contract Management?

Choose iSpec for contract management and say goodbye to chaos. It's like having a superhero sidekick for all your contracting needs!

How Does iSpec Simplify Collaboration?

iSpec streamlines collaboration, making it easier for internal and external parties to work together seamlessly. Think of it as a cloud-based party where everyone can communicate effortlessly.

What's the Secret Behind iSpec's Efficiency?

The secret behind iSpec's efficiency lies in its centralized database and the power of integrating all email correspondence. It's like having a wizard at your service!

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Jon Arnup
"We use iSpec everywhere we work in this industry."
Jon Arnup,
CEO & Founder,
Trent Port Services
Maurice Egan
“CAPEX is some $US900-million a year, and iSpec delivers a 3% saving on total project cost as well as process improvements of 300%.”
Maurice Egan,
Group Head Manufacturing, SABMiller.
DP World
“As a leading global and smart trade enabler, DP World recognizes that innovative procurement technologies such as iSpec would allow it to stay at the forefront of the industry.”
PR Dept,
DP World.
Hannellie Neervoort
“Compared to the other systems proposed, iSpec is the winner by far.”
Hannellie Neervoort,
Group Manager Contracts & Procurement,
Paul Jordaan
“iSpec's live documents and contextual audit trail is the only reason we can handle so many projects at once.”
Paul Jordaan,
Strategic Port Equipment.