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Negotiate Contracts Online with iSpec's Collaboration Feature 

Streamline your contract creation and negotiation process with iSpec's online collaboration feature. Effortlessly collaborate with your stakeholders in real-time, track changes and make adjustments with ease, ensuring all parties are on the same page and aligned towards the final agreement. Save time, reduce errors and increase efficiency with iSpec's powerful contract collaboration tools.

iSpec use cases


Streamline Contract Creation and Negotiation with iSpec DMS: Draft from Templates, Collaborate Online, Sign Electronically, and Store or Export for Physical Signature.

Controlled access and approvals

Empower Your Team with Seamless Document Management: Control Access, Editing, and Approvals with iSpec's Role-Based Permission System and Configurable Approval Routing System.

DMS Features

That work for you
Template library

Streamline Your Document Creation with iSpec DMS: Create Master Templates for Essential Documents, Policies, and Standards.

Quick drafting

Effortlessly Draft Documents with iSpec DMS: Utilize Templates with Drag and Drop, Auto-Complete, Editable and Locked Sections, Review and Approval Workflows.

Prompt users

Get Prompt Results with iSpec DMS: Request Reviews and Approvals with Clear Notifications on Dashboards or via Email.


Enhance Collaboration with iSpec DMS: Leave Tracked Comments Like in Word, with a Comprehensive Audit Trail for Future Reference.


Enhance Productivity with iSpec DMS: Embed Internal Notes in Templates as Instructions for Effortless Document Completion.

Track changes

Ensure Data Integrity with iSpec DMS: Automatically Track All Changes and Store a Detailed History for Easy Rollback to Any Previous Version.


Ensure Document Security with iSpec DMS: Certify and Verify Your Documents on the Immutable Blockchain.

Internal approval routing

Streamline Approvals with iSpec DMS: Standardize Routing by Document Type, Assign Approval Functions and Limits to Users for Effortless Automated Approvals.

Online document signature

Streamline Signatures with iSpec DMS: Sign Documents Online for Free or Link to Your DocuSign or Other Accounts.

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