Document references

The complexity

When you have complex contracts or specifications with multiple references between sections, it can become very complicated to keep these up-to-date if edits are made to a document or sections are moved around.
"1.2 Confidentiality is to be maintained on documents listed in section 5.6"
What happens if 5.6 is moved to 8.1 and someone forgets to update this reference. This is a very common issue with complex contracts and requires the utmost care and effort to maintain the accuracy of the document.

The damage

Incorrect references can have dire consequences and result in disputes that can only be resolved in court - wasting time and money. This is typically a problem when one uses templates to create contracts or specifications that need to be modified to suit a specific contract or project and users start editing them.

The solution

Using a contract management solution where these references can be created as links, that automatically update when moved around, is a solution that not only maintains the integrity of your documents, but allows users to easily navigate the documents.
iSpec has this capability.

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