10 Best contract negotiation providers

Staggering 500% improvement in productivity

iSpec is the only CLM solution to provide full context to the process thereby resulting in a staggering 500% improvement in productivity. 

iSpec Tender
iSpec Tender
Optimize Source to Contract Management: Automate Processes, Enhance Compliance, and Reduce Costs.

Streamline Source-to-Contract Management: An Affordable and Intuitive Alternative to ARIBA, SAP, and ORACLE, Implemented in Weeks and Offering Seamless Project/Tender/Contract Management.  Learn more...

iSpec DMS
iSpec DMS
Say Goodbye to Document and Contract Management Pain with iSpec DMS.

Transform Document and Contract Management: Streamline Authoring, Negotiation, Approval, and Signing with a Sophisticated Enterprise Solution. Learn more...

Top 6 reasons for switching from ARIBA/ORACLE to iSpec

Simplify Complex Project Management with iSpec: An Intuitive and Automated Solution for Effortless Management.


iSpec provides contextual recommendations to users as they perform their jobs and autonomously executes many routine, repetitive tasks.

Faster time to value

Gone are the year-long implementations. You can be up and running within 2-3 weeks.

Ease of use

Our modern intuitive UI with wizard driven first time use, gets you up and running in no time.

There's more

All-in-one solution

iSpec is a fully integrated seamless solution - no need to buy additional modules and integrate them.

Better cost to value ratio

Productivity improvements (up to 500%) and concurrent login licensing (unlimited users) all improve your cost to value ratios. 

Contextual communications

All clarifications, negotiations and other communications are stored in iSpec's live documents in the section/item they refer to. No more searching and no more routing/uploading Word and Excel files to manage.
Special offer for consultants.

Engineering or procurement consultants can use iSpec to manage all their clients RFxs online. Its unique collaboration features help reduce administrative effort by 50% or more while giving all stakeholders secure access to their data and maintaining a comprehensive audit trail.

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Jon Arnup
"We use iSpec everywhere we work in this industry."
Jon Arnup,
CEO & Founder,
Trent Port Services
Maurice Egan
“CAPEX is some $US900-million a year, and iSpec delivers a 3% saving on total project cost as well as process improvements of 300%.”
Maurice Egan,
Group Head Manufacturing, SABMiller.
DP World
“As a leading global and smart trade enabler, DP World recognizes that innovative procurement technologies such as iSpec would allow it to stay at the forefront of the industry.”
PR Dept,
DP World.
Hannellie Neervoort
“Compared to the other systems proposed, iSpec is the winner by far.”
Hannellie Neervoort,
Group Manager Contracts & Procurement,
Paul Jordaan
“iSpec's live documents and contextual audit trail is the only reason we can handle so many projects at once.”
Paul Jordaan,
Strategic Port Equipment.
iSpec DMS features

Below are some of the iSpec features. For more detailed information click an icon or the button below.

Master library

Store all your templates

Concurrent editing

Speed things up

Section library

Drag and drop document creation

Use variables

Quick data insertion


Route and sign online

Audit trail

For accountability and change control


For internal instructions


The better version

Split screen

To compare 2 sections in a document

Version control

Store recoverable versions

Section history

Recoverable section edits

Section control

Ownership and permissions
What are you waiting for?
iSpec DMS

Style manager

Enforce your corporate styles

Import Word, Excel....

Import and export standard formats

Negotiate externally

Negotiate contracts with external parties

Approval routing

Route documents for approval

Prompt users

To take action

Document references

Auto-updating references
Tender and contract management features

Below are some of the additional iSpec Tender features.  For more detailed information click the button.

Single Point-of-Truth

Empower Collaboration with iSpec: A Single Point-of-Truth for All Your Project Data, Accessible to All Stakeholders, All the Time.

Vendor management

On-boarding and management

Procurement approvals

Budget, publication, bid opening,....

Bid evaluation

Automated bid comparison and evaluation

Contract management

Manage project deliverables

Milestone tracking

Are they keeping to the schedule

Bond tracking

What is your financial exposure

Payment tracking

Track project invoices and payments

Spend analysis

What, where and with whom..

Automated clarifications/negotiations

Making your life easier