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When you spend $100 millions you cannot make mistakes!

iSpec Single Point-of-Truth
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iSpec on a Mac

“iSpec provides excellent transparency and efficiency – especially the dashboard function where one can get a quick overview of where all the procurement packages are in the tender process”

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  • Entire cycle of many months or years from initial tender preparation to actual go-live

  • Any minor mistake in the procurement or delivery phase can have major impact

  • Tracking/Auditing of what “really” was requested, promised and agreed upon is extremely time consuming – in many cases even impossible

  • Handing over from procurement to delivery phase typically sub-ideal with lack of context, details, follow-up

inspect on iPhone
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Ensuring successful outcomes is complex as it requires the successful orchestration of both phases


  • Specification Definition
  • Clarification on specifications
  • Comparison of bids
  • …….

Delivery phase project management

  • Referencing back to original specifications
  • Inspecting progress and accessing against milestones
  • …….
Easily audit-able
Single data source and point of truth
Maintenance confidentiality and privacy
Low cost & high productivity
Procurement Phase
Delivery Phase
Actual value generated for the organisation.
Millions and millions spent upfront over months and years!
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